Graphic Design

  I can do business cards, wine labels, brochures or any type of photo retouching in extreme detail - or any type of general job. I can do all the printing and finish small jobs -- and for large numbers, I will ship out to a printer - for example, for the sticky-back labels for wineries.
   If CDs covers and artwork are what you require, I have many examples I can show you on my CD artwork page.
   Above is one of my latest covers - I did the photography. Anything you want, I can do it! - from the photos to the finished product. Posters in A3 or A4 are no problem and they can be laminated for waterproofing if required.
   See my Photo Repair page for novelty jobs and photo fixes.

  If you want assistance in HTML and web design, I can help create your page, or I can do the lot from scratch for you if you like.
      Give me a call or email!

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    Marie M Music
    24 Olinda-Monbulk Rd, Olinda,
    Melbourne,   Victoria

    Phone: +61-3-9751 1416
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