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RIGHT-CLICK and save to hard drive. If you CLICK (or double-click) you will have to wait for your media player to 'buffer' the song - could take 10 to 20 mins if you have 56k modem depending. Well, on a good day, 1mb can take 4 minutes to d/l with 56k modem. If you have ADSL it won't take too long!

All songs are recorded LIVE with me playing guitar! Only in Slow Down and You're Not There I separated the guitar track - and then stood and did vocals. I guess I'm glued to my guitars - but I enjoy both ways of recording. I am self-taught as a guitarist - there are many jazz chords and complexities to some of the songs -- but the genre is my own - no one particular style - other than purely acoustic. I have added one song not my own to the list - as folks do enjoy me doing it - and I always love playing and singing it: - "Both Sides Now" by Joni Mitchell. Guitar mostly used through this selection of songs is my Maton Messiah.
       Hope you enjoy listening!
  mp3 Light        **  (all tracks here are played by Marie M and sung live)   **
30-Nov-2005 3'51 Size: 4.5Mb  
  mp3 Contemplation  (instrumental - Kohno guitar) 03-Jul-2002 2'32 Size: 2.3Mb  
  mp3 Sweet As Rain   23-Dec-2002 4'16 Size: 2.8Mb  
  mp3 Autumn Breeze        **  Jazzy one - improvised in studio   **
2001 3'01 Size: 6.0Mb  
  mp3 You're Not There  written for my dear
     Mum who died suddenly 18 Jan 2003
     - the song is for anyone who passes
20-Feb-2003 3'26 Size: 3.2Mb  
  mp3 Kiss Me Sweet   23-Dec-2002 4'17 Size: 4.01Mb  
  mp3 Dreams are made of this 19-Jul-2001 4'33 Size: 4.13Mb  
  mp3 Slow Down 19-Jul-2001 3'24 Size: 3.10Mb  
  mp3 Time Peace State of Mind  (+harmony) 03-Jul-2002 5'23 Size: 4.9Mb  
  mp3 Stealing Time 03-Jul-2002 4'53 Size: 4.4Mb  
  mp3 Whispering Winds of Change 03-Jul-2002 3'47 Size: 3.5Mb  
  mp3 No Man's an Island (1998) 03-Jul-2002 4'43 Size: 4.38Mb  
  mp3 Both Sides Now - Joni Mitchell 30-Nov-2005 4'14 Size: 4.95Mb