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including Falklands and

South Georgia Islands

by Marie McDonough

Antarctic Selections by Marie McDonough
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  Albatross & Chick   Albatrosses in flight   Rockhopper & chick   Rockhopper Penguin
  Black Browed Albatross
  Two Albatrosses in flight

Rockhopper penguin & chick


Rockhopper Penguin

  Albatross   Blue iceberg   AntarcticShag   Rockhopper chicks
  Black Browed Albatross
  Blue iceberg Jan 12 2009

King Cormorant


Rockhopper chicks

  Adelie on ice   Albatross & Chick   Adelie   Black iceberg
  Adelie penguin on ice
  Albatross and chick

Adelie penguin on ice


Black iceberg 12 January 2009

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