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Enlarged view of Stealing Time Cover (1998) -- some of my favourite pics - taken in South America. The hammocks pic is during the Amazon journey which covered all the river from Pucallpa in North Peru to Belem on coast of Brazil! Was a blast! The guy with the beard is Charlie, a kind man and a skilled traveller who I shared much of the Amazon trip with.
   All taken with my faithful Nikon F2 which has been just about everywhere! Mexico, Macchu Piccu in Peru and lots here. The 'Jesus' guy was in London when Princess Di was getting married - July 1981 I think. I couldn't help notice his hair and all ... I softened out the crowd. Centre pic is in Scotland up on an one of the Lochs -- had a ball! - and to this day have a wee penchant for a good wee dram or two! :):)
   I figured I'd better leave this image big so you can see the smaller pics within it :)


Stealing Time

Stealing Time - 379kb

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