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The following drawings were drawn by me in Adobe Illustrator 10 for a document written by a mechanical engineer (design) from Lycopodium (Perth), Eric Johanson. The document is entitled Agitator Design and should you need information, drop me an email and I will pass on your details to Eric.
  I was given sketches to work from. The formulas were quite intriguing to say the least -- pages of them! The document is laid out in Microsoft Word. I formatted all the diagrams to jpg after completion - and for quality printing they were at 300ppi, larger files than the compression used for this web site (72ppi).
  I can do any type of formulas or diagrams you may require and bind and assemble the document in a professional finish. I have an understanding of some of the formulas and the greek terms from my maths and physics schooling - so give me call for any job you require.    Seven diagrams are in this section ....

Stabilized Turbine (33 kb)

Stabilized Turbine - 33 kb

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